Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Idle Idols

Last nights performances on American Idol fell short. Not one wannabe pulled off a better than average showing.

For me, the biggest thing, I just didn't believe any of the artists last night. I love live performances and I think the best artists are the ones who shine most in front of a crowd. Last night none of the contestants sold me as to who they really were.

Can you tell, I was dissappointed with everybody last night.


Matthew said...

I actually got to watch an episode, so I can respond. I too noticed how everyone was a little lack-luster in performing.

Funny how now after watching a few episodes, I feel validated in criticising others talents.

My favorite part of American Idol is watching Simon. He's truly "spot" on for most of his comments. I'm not sure why I like a critic, but I do agree him more than the other judges.


PS said...

Well said. My authority as an Idol critic only comes from watching past episodes of the same contestants. I've never expected much from Bucky or Lisa, but all the others have done so much better in prior episodes.

For example, Chris tried to scream his way through Creed. Chris is definately a post-grunge like rocker but his voice was not low enough to pull off that Creed song.