Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Day 2: Inline Skating

Just completed a 20 minute cardio session on my blades. Burned 342 calories.

I have a goal to participate in the St. Paul Inline Marathon again this year. What would make it a total success for me is if I arrive on race day 50 pounds lighter than I am currently. I really have my heart set on racing below 200 lbs this year. Why? Well, I want to finish in under two hours first off and I think being lighter is going to be a major help (although last year I finished first in my age/weight class :-) ha!

My biggest concern is how my knee is going to hold up. I really have no doubt I can lose the weight but what can I do about my knee? I messed up my knee last year playing paintball at Burtonia and have not had the recommended surgery yet. I am betting on strength and flexibility training to get me ready. This morning was the second time on my blades since the accident and things seem to be ok. There is just a slight sharp pain deep inside and I feel a little excess cushioning going on, but again, I'll see what happens after a few weeks of skating.

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