Sunday, April 30, 2006

Day 28

Free Day and Week 4 Results

Today is Free Day. No working out. No restrictions with food as to what I eat. Free Day is not about unbridled indulgence and gluttony. Free Day is about celebrating the week, the 12 week plan, and rewards for hard work. As I continue through the next 8 weeks, I know from experience that Free Days will become less and less about eating sugar and sweets, in fact by week 8, free day sugar cravings are totally gone.

Today I am celebrating the last 4 weeks. The commitment to the program has paid off. I started the program at 250 lbs. This morning I am at 239. I am happy to be down 11 pounds but this program is not about losing weight, it is about transforming old to new - old habits to new habits, old shapes to new shapes, old thinking to new thinking. A key indicator of old to new is body fat percent. I started at 29.5% body fat and today I am at 28.1% I have more fat to lose than muscle to gain. I do expect my actual body weight to drop in the next four weeks by perhaps another 10-12 lbs, but I really am focusing on seeing a major drop in body fat % by the end of week 12. At the end of 12 weeks if I am 200 lbs but my body fat percent is 15% (or so), that would be major success. It is kinda funny how some fitness level indicators (i.e. BMI) would still catagorize 200 at 5'11' obese. 200 at 15% is possible and realistic and that is what I am working for.

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