Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dream Recall, Part I

Sunday night I went to sleep just like every other night. Monday morning I woke up with a big smile on my face because I had dreamed one continuous flow of action, drama, and adventure. It was one of those dreams that is so real you think about it for the next twenty-four hours.


Waking up like I do every morning I went down into my office/weightroom to read the news, blogs, etc. on my computer. I enjoy the quite time sipping coffee as I wait for Carla to come down so we can begin our workout. As I am clicking though my bloglines list, I hear a scratching sound coming from my left ear. I run a little space heater to keep me toasty and so I turned it off to focus on the source of the sound. For sure, the sound was coming from the left. The only object on my left though is a cement wall. Was the scratching coming from behind the wall? There is a window close enough right in front of me and I hear the bush outside rustling all the time. I am thinking this morning my mind is goofing around a bit and displacing the scratching sound. Am I only being fooled and thinking wrongly that the sound is behind the wall? Like having the sensation of somthing crawling under my skin, the noise behind the wall was driving me insane.

My obessesive side kicked in and I needed to find the sound. So I grab the sledge hammer that is conveniently right next to my desk and start slamming away at the wall. Within seconds I busted open a big enough hole to crawl into. Now I can hear voices and there is a short tunnel to a door. I crawl a few feet and put my ear up to the door to listen. Sounds like Jeff Burton's voice, Jeff is a good friend of mine in real life. As long as my right hand was on the door handle I turned it and walked inside. I had discovered a huge, I mean football field size, underground computer lab, under my house. Over to my right there was Jeff Burton pounding away at a keyboard with his head bobbing between eight 27" monitors. Jeff looked over his should, saw me, and said "Pat, ah, I've been waiting for you." Jeff proceeded to describe to me in great detail his task at hand. He was creating a comprehensive map of all the air vents in every single building in the United States. He said he'd been given orders from the President to map it all out so we could stop the terrorists. So on one screen there was Google, on another there was Gmail, another showed a CAD program. If there was anybody to pull of this amazing mental stunt, I knew right then and there Jeff was the man.

Jeff took a break from his work to walk me down a corridor in the lab. We came to a door and Jeff explained to me what direction I should go once he opens the door. He said "When I open this door, walk through and turn to your left. You are to walk up the hill to that huge house. There is someone that has been waiting for you also and needs to talk with you. Go." I walked through the door and noticed immediately that I was standing in the middle of Burton's paintball field. I wasn't quite sure how the invisible door got there though.

I followed Jeff's direction and proceeded up the hill to the huge house. I had a feeling that something big was going to happen up there in that house. Something that would clue me into what this dream was all about.


Right now I need to go and workout. I'll have to get back to the dream later. Part II features two more really good buddys - Randy Zimmermann as the President and Steve Gray as his Chief of Staff. In Matrix type fasion, I also learn of my real identity and how the world really works.

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the suspense is too much!