Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dream Recall, Part II

This post is a continuation of Dream Recall, Part I.

It has been two full days since the dream and I am still thinking about it. This morning I was having coffee with two of the main characters and I kept feeling like I was in the dream. In fact, they both kept asking me to clarify if what I was saying was part of the dream or reality.


As instructed by Burton (agent Burton) I headed up to the massive house on the hill. I entered to meet Randy Zimmerman and Steve Gray. Like Burton, they said "Pat, we've", (no it was more like) "Paaaatt, weee'vvvvve been waaaiiittting for yoooouuuu." I knew who Randy was right away, the President of the United States. And Steve Gray's title was easy to determine since his name badge said "Chief of Staff".

With a slight nudge of my shoulder, Steve Gray lead me into a small side room. Inside there was a young couple. Randy introduced me by name only. Then Randy proceeded to talk about our home church to the couple. Right off I could tell this was a meeting to get the couple acquainted with our church. Steve even pipped in every now and then telling them how important it was for them to know who Jesus Christ is. I started to get excited because I like to talk about Faith Community Church. I got really into the discussions and started to contribute more than both Randy and Steve.

Suddenly the female got up and left the room. Within a few seconds the man left too. I turned to Randy with a what do we do now Mr. President look on my face. I then turned to Steve Gray with the same look. Steve just gave Randy this big head nod as if to say, "OK, now it is time to tell him." I was facinated by the Alfred Hitchcock like shadow on the wall behind Steve that he was giving off.

Randy sucked in a really big sigh, clinched his lips and brow and then let out the sigh. Knowing Randy as a personal friend outside of this dream, I knew some disturbing news was coming. I can tell when Randy is holding back frustration and irritation. As he left out the last half of the sigh he said "Pat, you just have no clue do you?" I waited for him to clue me in. He said, "Pat, you think we've been sitting here evangelizing to this pretty little couple don't you? You just have no clue."


Now I have to go. Big AWANA Carnival tonight. I try to pick up the rest of the dream tomorrow.

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Joey said...

darn, you keep leaving me hanging!