Thursday, April 20, 2006

Good Riddins Idol Ace

Ace got voted off American Idol last night. Good. I've never liked his style, it is all for the women. I've held off saying anything up until now because I been psycho-analyzing a deep internal tension in my soul about Ace. I just figured it out.

He can sing as good as the other Idol contestants and deserves actually to stay on Idol longer. It is his showman(or woman)ship that I can't stand. He plays this puppy dog, pretty boy, soft man part, and He thinks it works for him - showing his scar, pouting with his eyes, and whatever it is that he does with his lips in between lyrics. It is just too much of a show and I can't stand it. He reminds me of the Zoolander look. Ace is trying to pull off Zoolander and that offends me. There is only one Zoolander, the one and only Ben Stiller.


Joey said...

I'll take Ace over Ben Stiller any day, if I have to choose!

But honestly, he didn't blow me away either. The guy I like is...ah, I forgot his name now. Chris? I don't know. Whoever went first the other night. I caught his performance. He's probably got the best versatility, in that he can do numerous styles and it seems to work.

Regardless, whoever wins will be just another memory and a temporary (or, if you're Clay Aiken, permanent) late night talk show joke.

Carla said...

Oh Pat,
Can't you hear the crying? The breaking? The crying of a bazillion teens and preteens, the breaking of their hearts? Poor Ace. Poor girls.

Carla said...

oh yeah, could you pout at me with your eyes or show me your scar?