Thursday, April 20, 2006

The World Record Chasing Balloon Guy

Last night was the AWANA Carnival celebrating this years AWANA season that has come to a close. I enjoyed walking around helping out where I could and especially watching all the kids have a blast. The most popular station to stop at was the "Balloon Guy" (sorry, didn't catch his name so I can't tell you what it is.) This guy was good! He could twist a balloon into whatever a child's imagination could dream up. I saw everything from a flower, sword, puppy, bear, and even Green Bay Packer and Minnesota Viking helmets (the Viking helmets came with yellow horns even.)

The Balloon guy was also very fast. He could inflate a balloon within a nanosecond and shape his creations in literally under five seconds. I was so impressed! Observers where watching in amazement and praising him for his speed. He informed us he is currently in the running to set a new world record of more than 520 balloons in one hour, his current pace is 498 - he's close. He said the key to the world record is in increasing the speed at which he can blow up the balloons. I am not sure how he can get any faster but he said it is all in the abs. Apparently you need to start with a good set of abs but they get tighter and stronger as you practice, makes sense. Most of us standing around watching simultaneously thought of a new exercising trend, Ballooning for Abs.

I was also inspired watching the balloon guy. I thought perhaps I could get this guy to come to Josh's kid birthday party on Saturday. Even better, I'd be the coolest Dad ever if I could learn how to make the balloon creations myself. But then my dream faded as I realized the kids would soon figure me a fraud when I would ask the same question as to what they wanted me to make, "Snake, Eel, or Earthworm?"

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