Thursday, April 06, 2006

My lovely bride Carl

I just got back from the printer where I reviewed the first proofs of the product packaging for the startup I am employed with. I could tell the printershop worker was getting impatient with me because I was taking so long. I learned an incredibly valuable editing lesson twelve years ago that's why.

Twelve years ago this coming July a beautiful girl name Carla A. Nelson became my wife. One of the attributes that I cherish about Carla is her apathy toward big spending. Of the two of us, she is the saver no doubt. Because we had to pay for nearly 90% of our marriage celebration, Carla's frugalness ruled our buying decisions. Most of the stuff we did ourselves. I was in charge of personally producing the ceremony "handouts" on my wordprocessor. Between the two of us, Carla agreed that I had the skills to get this done.

Seconds before I was to enter the scene to start the ceremony, one of my groomsmen approached me very agitated and said "Who the heck made these programs." (He actually used a different "h" word.) At the same time he was pointing to the section of the program that said "Patrick S. Stream and Carl A. Nelson". I replied sheepishly "I did".

In about-face fashion my friend slapped me on the back a few times and encouraged me "It's ok man, no big deal. It's ok. Let's go and get you married." Out we went and the rest is history.

In the instances where I hold ultimate responsiblity for proof reading content I try not to let history repeat itself.

P.S. Obviously I don't always adhere to this principle when it comes to Burn The Ships.

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Carla said...

Oh, Pat
We managed to survive the typos of our wedding ceremony and just how much more blissful can our marriage get?
I love you,