Monday, May 22, 2006

Another Here's Your Sign

This morning I was putting up For Sale signs in the windows of my truck...because I am going to sell it. I also parked the truck in the most noticeable area of the parking lot where I work. An employee of one of the retailers in the building pulled up next to me. The first sentence out of his mouth as he exited his car was "Selling your truck huh?" I was on the ball this time and seized the opportunity and said "Nope, actually I am trying to unload just the windows. Interested?" He didn't know what to say so he gave me one of those "your nuts" grins.

I've had fun this morning coming up with alternative comebacks. What would you have said?


kristi noser said...

Pat that was a good one! Quick thinking!

Tia said...

Just trying to keep the sun out!