Tuesday, May 23, 2006

False G-Force

I am not trying to compete with the hilarious family adventures that my wife records at Four By 40. I love to read about her anecdotes of mothering my three sons and one daughter. But, what am I to do when I've personally been witness to the once in a lifetime antics that only children provide? The following is one such account.

Last night I took the kids to the local park. I spent the first ten minutes pushing my 2 1/2 yr old boy Nathan on the swing while my oldest boy Josh watched and made faces at his sibling. We were having a pleasant time along with the other families doing the same "park" thing. Nathan started to make gasping choking-like sounds as he swung back and forth. I do like to push my kids pretty high so I thought perhaps he was fighting some heavy g-force, but I kept pushing harder because he was laughing as well. However, the deathly sound from Nathan got louder and a bit horrific at times. Other parents were watching us too. I moved to the front of Nathan to see his face. I was a little confused because what I observed just seemed to be the massive, but simple, strain pushing against his face from the g-force of swinging so fast (and again he was smiling and laughing.) But why was he straining and breathing so heavily? I asked "You ok buddy, something wrong?" Through a deep strain he was able to mutter "poo...pp.p..yy...ppp...poopppyy." Within seconds it was over, all done, over and out (literally), he stopped straining. Josh dropped to the sand in all out hysterical laughter which in turn started me down the path of deep belly laughing for the next five minutes. I could not get Nathan's facial expression out of my mind. By the looks of it, others around made the connection too and we were all laughing together. I was not at all embarrassed but grateful for the moment.


kristi noser said...

Gotta love that gravitational pull. Thanks for the laugh Pat!

cbass said...

that is hilarious, totally reminds me of this little 3 year old boy Jacob at work, like the cutest boy ever and he's not even mine right! Anyways, he's on the playground and has this look of "sara I gotta go now" so we go right and he's in there doin his business and I have to talk to him so he's reassured it's safe to go. Well after a couple of quiet moments he says with a really hard "pushing" grunt, Saarraa, I looovvee yooouuuu, aaahhh" I couldn't help but laugh and reply "yes Jacob I love you too!"

PS said...

now that is true love, right?

kristi noser said...

You know that it's true when you are told you are loved while the teller is taking a duker.