Thursday, May 25, 2006

Birds of Prey Have Been Deployed

You can't make this stuff up! I was out for a long skate this morning and on the return leg home a stinking bird flew into my head!!! It was a one of those nasty Killdeer. I know that for sure because my head had spun in the same direction the attack bird made his get away.

What a good case study for everyday multi-use helmet wearing. If I didn't have my helmet on my forehead would have, could have, should have been gashed open by the kamikazy's sharp talons. But I am ok.

For the remaining 4 miles to home I got to drumming up a pretty elaborate conspiracy scheme. In light of some of the comments I received on this blog yesterday, my theories are probably not that far off. Burton, Porter, Nering how do you account for your time this morning at 6:09 am?


Timotheos said...

I saw you skating today on my way into to town for a meeting. You had good form!

ron said...

I am not a blogger, only a lowly commenter, but 6:09 am? Sleeeeeeep.