Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Idol Watchers Unite! (Guest Blogger)

It gives me great pleasure to have a blogging guest at Burn The Ships today. My very good friend Ron has this to say about American Idol:

Thank you Captain Pat for allowing me to guest blog on Burn The Ships.

American Idol. Hmmm… Why am I and others so entertained by it? Why do some people mock it? Is it any less valid than other forms of popular entertainment that its detractors may choose to watch? Movies? Sports? I don’t think so.

So why the disdain? Maybe it’s the production of the show. Even the name is a bit too much. It’s over the top, but if you separate that, it’s actually one of the most American shows I’ve watched in a long time - and I don’t mean that as a negative. The fact is there have been very regular people with quite a bit of talent given a platform to display their singing gifts to a national audience. Not only that, there is rigorous competition, and also a sense that these people are pulling for each other (happy to stay in the competition after a vote, but oftentimes legitimately sad for one to leave or to have performed poorly). Seeing people handle pressure well and with grace is in itself worth watching. Plus it’s not sleazy or vulgar. It’s a sort of wonderfully cheesy American show.

You know, I find that all just fine in when you consider the other entertainment options TV and Hollywood provide. We Idol watchers know the fun we’re having and will happily watch the season’s last show tonight.


Timotheos said...

It's not that the show is bad. I watch the show. The POINT is that Pat put a POLL on his BLOG for the show. This is the activity of a TEENAGE GIRL on her myspace account. That's all! Why is it that only Nehring and I see this?

Grown men do not place polls of American Idol on thier blog. It's like men who actually like cell phones. The two just don't coexist! :)

ron said...

Don't be discouraged Pat. Yesterday I was cheerfully casting my Idol vote while loading new ring tones to my Sprint phone.