Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blog Tools: Posting Polls on Blogger

I've been testing out my skills with blogger and discovered how to post polls last night. Here is another poll but this one is more complex using multiple choice. Would you be so kind as to complete the poll so I can test out my html programming skills? Thank you!

A Man Who Puts An American Idol Poll On His Blog Is? Pick Two.
Authentic and In Touch
Dealing With Low Testosterone Levels
Ready and Able To Take On Any Fight
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ron said...

Pat, you are consuming too much of my time with what I've finally been waiting for: Blog posts that stimulate my mind, engage me with my inner self, and allow me to express my affection and adoration for Taylor Hicks.

PS said...

There you go Ron!

Jeff said...

You left off a few critical alternatives:

X Vapid
X Unimaginative
X Sold out to corporate culture

Bill said...

As one who has never seen an episode of Idol, I would suggest a category of "Who cares?"

PS said...

So who's looked up Vapid in the dictionary yet?

I've referenced a dictionary more than ever since knowing Jeff Burton.