Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Once Again, Here's Your Sign

I usually sport a goatee. But I shave it off every now and then because I get fed up that my kids won't kiss their Daddy - they say I'm too prickly. This morning a guy says to me "So, you shaved your goatee off, huh?" The following is what I wanted to say in response, but due to special circumstances I needed to control myself:

Choice #1. "Nope, it's Rush week at The Stream House and as an act of hazing my family shaved it off after I passed out."

Choice #2. "Nope, I thought it was in remission but it appears my male patterned baldness of the chin is back."

Choice #3. "Nope, just got a little too close cleaning them lawnmower blades."


kristi noser said...

You should be on stage with Bill Engvold

Beard? What beard?
No, all that hair decided to spend the summer down south on my chest.
Didn't you hear about the new law?

Bill said...

HOw about: I tried dyeing it purple to get ready for Football season but purple is just not my color.