Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Perseverate. Although it is one of my favorite words, it unfortunately describes something I do too often. Thankfully my wife mentioned to me this morning that perhaps I've been perseverating on a few things in my life lately.

What does it mean?
  • To manifest or experience perseveration.
  • perseveration then means:
    • Uncontrollable repetition of a particular response, such as a word, phrase, or gesture, despite the absence or cessation of a stimulus, usually caused by brain injury or other organic disorder.
    • The tendency to continue or repeat an act or activity after the cessation of the original stimulus.
Bascially I see it as an act of unecessary perseverance. In the spirit of Burn The Ships it is time to pitch perseveration.

BTW - other words I like: viscosity, pedantic, probe, illuminate.


kristi noser said...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for the lesson lesson lesson lesson lesson.

Pretty cool, I have never heard that word before!

Carla said...

My least favorite words of all time.
1. probe
A. sheath
3. glean
They are yuck to type too!