Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pat Robertson's Stars as The Hulk

Based on his own claim that he has leg-pressed 2000 lbs, it appears Pat Robertson is a weightlifting super hero and should therefore I think star as Hulk in the next remake of The Hulk (if there is one.) Robertson attempts to prove his heroic power claim by showing a video on CBN of him leg pressing 1,000 lbs. He says he can lift so much because of his Age-Defying Shake.

First, I downloaded the sheet that lists the ingredients for his shake. Besides the fact that its not a unique recipe, it actually is not a bad mixture of items readily available at health food stores. Secondly, the video Robertson shows on his website is
not what real leg-press exercises look like. Robertson is cheating! What exactly is he doing? Not sure but he's gotta be flat out lying, or misinformed (I suppose.) Here's the kicker; the all-time Florida State University leg press record is 665 pounds under what Robertson lifted and the capillaries of the man who holds the record burst during his attempt at the lift.

This story is the focus of many bloggers around the sphere. The only observation I can add is it is amazing that in one story Robertson's antics (this time) cultivate the perpetual stereotypes of wacko Christians, freak weightlifting, and zealous nutrition mined folks.

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Joey said...

I hadn't heard about this story until I just read this, and as I was reading it, it showed up on CNN.

Way to beat CNN to the punch Pat!