Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Two Things That Have Never Happened To Me Before

Ok so this post will probably mean nothing to you and do nothing to enhance your day, but in the last 12 hours I've experienced two things that I've never gone through before:
  1. Last night while in-line skating I think I figured out the double pump technique. The double pump is an advanced form a long slow stride (LSS.) How do I know I did it? Because it felt like it, and my speed increased greatly, I had never gone that fast before during an LSS. I've read before what the double pump feels like and I am sure I nailed it. I look forward to tomorrow to see if I can do it again.
  2. This morning I broke the brush head of my tooth brush my mouth, while I was brushing. I was just going to town and heard a sudden snap. I waited for pain but was distracted by how much lighter my tooth brush felt. Anyways, like I said, never done that before.


kristi noser said...

Good thing you didn't swallow it.

Joey said...

Uh, how hard were you brushing?