Saturday, July 29, 2006

Marathon Tips

I like reading about pro inline skaters. I've learned quite a few training and race day tips. There is one tip though I've not read about yet, so I guess I will claim it as my own, and if another inline skater ever stumbles by this blog then they'll benefit from something. Skating 20 miles or more produces much body sweat. Water is not only helpful to rehydrate yourself but also to wash the salty taste out of our mouth from the sweat that drips in it. Here's the tip: Make sure to wash your hair the night before a long skate in order to keep your sweat from tasting like pomade. Unfortunately water does not wash that taste out for quite a while. I suppose the alternative is to make sure you use really good tasting pomade.


kristi noser said...

I've heard that grape jelly works.

erin said...

Or maybe just use honey.
You know what they say about honey...