Saturday, July 29, 2006

24.2 Miles

I started out today just wanting to skate for a full two hours. According to my training regimen today was supposed to be at least a 24 miler. In fact, from here on out I am suppose to taper down my distances until race day, so if I didn't hit 24 today I probably wouldn't in the coming weeks. Since I didn't want to drive anywhere I just headed out from my house to see what distance I could cover. I decided to combine two routes I've been training on.

This post started with me saying I wanted to skate for two hours. I didn't actually want to do anything this morning. The temp was 80 when I woke up at 5:45 a.m. My knee has been starting to bother me the last few days. I am generally tired and on the edge of exhaustion. My attitude is at a sour point. So, before skating this morning I had all these things going for me. Nevertheless I walked out of the house and said to my wife, "See you in two hours."

You probably guessed by now, I did it, skated for two straight hours. I used the old handy dandy google pedometer to trace my route and found I skated 24.2 miles. Perfect!!

The temp was 81 when I finished and I burned 2280 calories. Three weeks left to race day.

P.S. For you locals, if you happen to see my wife around this weekend at church or just out and about, please congratulate her for staying married to me for the last twelve years. Tomorrow is our anniversary. I love you Carla!


Carla said...

Happy Anniversary to us!! Wow-12 years! Who woulda thunk it? People are going to look at us today and say, "Look at them!" I love you, Pat!

erin said...

Congratulations, you guys! That's wonderful!