Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I Am Glad Summer Is Over

Here in lovely Hudson, Wisconsin public school starts in six calendar days. I told my boy that last night before bed and he was shocked. Summer vacation is over. It went fast for him he said. Time to get back into the routine of school schedules, etc.

I am personally happy that summer is over. I do enjoy the summertime for several reasons but not more than the inherent structure the other seasons bring to daily life. I find myself struggling with a sense of boredom this time of year. I want to get back to the school and church activities I enjoy - I miss the people mostly. I also feel more inclined to intensify my efforts at personal disciplines. Strangely, I feel more engaged in life when its not summertime. Looking back, for the past three summers now I get the sense that I didn't really grow spiritually but rather just maintained status quo.

Summer was good but I am glad it is over.


ron said...

I know exactly what you mean.

Carla said...

When everything from cell groups to womens ministry is done for the summer, it seems like I end up taking the summer off from God as well.

Brandy Dopkins said...

I have the opposite feeling. Summer is when Paul seems to have time to just hang out- which leads to more conversations about what God is doing these days, and I seem to be up off the couch, out from under the electric blanket, living life a little more.