Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Married Life Blog Series Concluded

Married Life concludes its series "Finding God in my difficult marriage" with this article:

Armed with Faith in my marriage.

This series has affected me more than you. Guaranteed. I didn't post it to expose "the other half" of my marriage. More than anything I like to post things on this blog that are relevant to my own internal struggles, pursuits, desires, and strivings. My first response to this type of material is to get angry. Note, I didn't say my first correct God honoring response.

I usually have to let this type of material marinate until it sucks out all the deadness in my heart. I usually don't say much during this process but if you are around me, you might sense there is an internal battle going on. This marriage series brings to light the sin in my heart and how fond and blind I am towards it. Please understand, I know I am a sinner. It is just that the more I grow the more I hate of my sin and the more I find out how much I don't know, when it comes to dealing with it. Translation - I make bad, foolish choices daily in marriage.

But because of Christ's death, resurrection and current reign in all areas of life, thankfully the difficulties in my marriage (and yours) are being redeemed and used to bring glory to the Father.

Now I will go back and reread these articles with a soft heart. Christ is ALL.

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Carla said...

I liked these articles very much, Pat. Thank you! I know you are striving to be a Godly husband and father. God sees us struggling well.