Friday, August 25, 2006

Pat The Flat Head

Upon approaching my driveway after work two nights ago I see my oldest son standing and waiting for me. I was about two blocks away. I parked in the driveway and opened my truck door to step out. I had to ask my oldest boy to step aside otherwise he'd get pinned up against the minivan if I opened my door further. I caught the hint, he obviously had something to tell me. What was he going to say? The typical most often said words I hear when I get home "Uh, Dad, it's been a rough day around her today. Sarah is in her room. Mom is having a..."

Instead my boy asks if he can ask me a question. "Sure son, what is it?"

"Am I going to look like you when I grow up?" He says as his voice tails off toward the end of words.

I figured I'd engage him and try to draw him out (selling 101) so I answered with a question, "Well, do you want to look like me when you grow up?"

He thinks for two seconds and answers me back with more questions, "Aren't most people's heads suppose to be round? Yours is flat. Mine is round right now but will it go flat over time?"

I'm guessing but I think one of his friends told him they thought my head was flat. There is that one new neighbor boy who I thought out of respect always looks me in the eye. Could it be he's been studying my seemingly flat head?


Carla said...

nap? timeout? drink? nervous breakdown? Pick one.

Carla said...

"Mom is having a..."
was supposed to go before the choices.

Timotheos said...

Just tell him not to play hockey, and he should be okay!

kristi noser said...

I that how your head got flat? Hockey?