Thursday, August 24, 2006

Post Race Analysis

My jelly leg has scabbed over and my brain is able to move on. But, I still have one more post (at least) on inline skating to complete. So here it is.

Yes the race itself was fun. But I liked training for it better. I also really love to analyze how things went. Here is what I've found:
  1. I finished in the top 1/3 out of 881 finishers.
  2. If I would have raced in the most advanced class before pro, I would have finished in the middle of the pack. This makes sense because for the first five miles or so, all I did was pass people. Next year I can move up at least to the fitness class if I want to. This will help with having more opportunities to draft sooner.
  3. My fastest average speed overall was on the section that I crashed - 15.7 mph. I figure I was doing at least 20 mph when I fell.
  4. I had a 14.86 average speed the last 6 miles of the race, this is more than my overall average of 14.7.
  5. Did I do my absolute best? Between mile 5 and 13, yes. But overall, no. I could have gone faster between 13 and 20 miles. I only averaged 13.8 mph.
  6. Believe it or not, the highlight of the race was that stretch where I crashed. I was skating full tilt, balancing on that fine line between "the zone" and total insanity.


kristi noser said...

So next year it's insanity then?

Carla said...


Joey said...

Pat, it's been really fun reading about your training. I was seriously considering running a marathon last year but it didn't wind up working out. Never tried roller blading, but you've intrigued me. Now, about finding size 14s...

erin said...

So is it fair to say that after about 16mph, it becomes very easy to lose control? I've learned so much from your blog! Joey's right--it has been really fun reading about your whole experience.

PS said...

You guys are great! Thanks for hangning in there for me when I've been blogging about inline skating (only)

Next year, through better training I hope to redefine what insanity is, for me on skates. year I want average 16 mph over the whole race...and not crash at all!