Friday, September 01, 2006

Mind, Matter, Body, Soul, Spirit - How Do They All Fit Together?

I've been brewing up some thoughts on how Mental Health and Christianity fit together. I see at least a few posts coming together in the near future where I will be taking a look at topics such as Depression, Addictions, Chemical Imbalances, Bi-Polar Disorder, and other mental health related aliments. I really want to share with you what I have learned through my own study and personal experience how psychiatric and psychological experiences fit into Christianity - specifically, how to look at mental health as being a part of life that is also under the reign of Christ.

If I am going to properly consider how mental health fits into Christianity, then I need to first layout a few key scientific and theological assumptions. Danger ahead. In science, especially related to the brain, there is a wide wide world of assumptions that one could get lost in and so the first foundation to build upon is to review how the human is put together.

Do we have a body, mind, soul and spirit? Or is the body and mind the same thing while the soul and spirit are two different things? Or do we just have a body and soul? But what about the spirit? Or, are they all just one in the same - the body, thats it. The body with its brain is what produces all the chemicals that make up soul and spirit like experiences. Is that true? Mind over matter? Really? Chicken or the egg?

I want to provide somewhat of a summary to answer these questions. I will get to it in another post. But to start, please follow the link ahead and read what really is a great summary already. The material is a tad deep and long. You may be tempted to skim, but don't, it so worth it to understand what is being presented. Are Human Beings Constituted of One, Two, or Three Substances?

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