Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Where to spend your next $20

I've learned over the years through much trial and error, a $20 spot is a lot of money. You might not agree, however. That's fine. I am grateful for the free choice we both have in where to spend the next $20. Because of the shortage of $20's in my budget I find myself having to make decisions daily. To combat my compulsive nature I must always lay out the options before me prior to dropping a $20 spot. For example, where would you spend your next $20 a month?:
  1. Serve India
  2. Compassion International
  3. Health Insurance Plans for Pets


Jeff Burton said...

Sell the pets to a Medical experimentation company and give it all to Serve India.

PS said...

huh? Now that is an out of the box solution! You've got me thinking burton (I should have listed that as a fourth option.) Thanks for the resourceful tip.

kristi noser said...

Why is it that people don't think Jeff Burton is funny?
That's hafreakinlarious.