Monday, October 02, 2006

eBay Idea

I thought perhaps I could sell something on eBay that has never been done before. I am always thinking of ways to make it "big". In the Interweb's merchandising world, I believe it takes one single idea or product.

What about selling my life long attachment to the Minnesota Vikings? I am not a fanatic. Not at all. Certainly not after the last two games*. But what if I sold my future rights as a fan? I would sell all my future desire that has anything to do with the Vikings. Ya'know, I would even throw all previously purchased merchandise from ticket stubs to sweatshirts, etc - past items would be free.

First things first, must do some market research. Wouldn't ya know, I am not the first to market:
Looks like the going rate is $285 (or so). Net of fees, I could make $250. That is not worth it, I'll give it away. Do you want it?

*I purposely planned to take in a nap during yesterday's second half. Yes, I did want to watch the game, but not to enjoy the sport, I knew I would fall fast asleep after a few series of downs. BORING!


erin said...

TOO funny. I'm betting you could trade loyalties with a Cubs fan or something. Different sport, I know, but some people just HAVE to cheer for the underdog.

PS said...

No trades. I need to dump this team now. I should know better low, sell high.

Jeff Burton said...

The only way you are going to get rich on e-bay is by selling rea stuff.

PS said...

hey jeff...where is my affiliate commissions?

kandi said...

Hmmmph - a Packer fan would never consider doing that...! :)