Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hockey Fight

Ok, I am a bit reluctant to post this video but frankly it is the best hockey fight I have ever seen, at least in a long time.

WARNING: If you don't like hockey fighting then you need to leave right now.

Last night about half way through the third period in the game between the Minnesota Wild and the Los Angels Kings, the Wild's Boogaard and Kings Ivanans took a typical face off scuffle and crafted one unbelievable hockey fight of old. I happen to click to the game minutes before the fight. Now a days, instead of being skinny, slimy and dirty, the hunters in hockey are gigantic and powerful. My wife got up and left the room right at the time I became glued to the screen and uttered the words..."wow, now that's a fight!"

Pay attention to the quick switch the commentators make from hockey play-by-play to ring side announcers - within a nanosecond the words puck, stick, and icing are exchanged for uppercut, jab, and weight advantage.

Fighting in Hockey - It is what it is, you have to appreciate it for that.


Jeff Burton said...

I would respect hockey and hockey fans a lot more if they would establish a new sport that directly incorporated fighting into it. Maybe they could call it "Ice Melee" or something.

Bill said...

I like how the commentator went right into the tell of the tape - giving heights and weights.

Reegz said...

It was sweet. I'm hoping to catch more of it at tonights Wild game. Go Wild! They must win!

Reegz said...

Did you see Boogaard break that dude's nose?! Kersmack and down he went-sweet! An awesome game with a shoot-out to boot!

kristi noser said...

Interesting how the refs just stand there and watch. Give the people what they want I guess.