Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nothing New Under The Sun: Boy Gets Stuck In Claw Machine

The more things change the more they stay the same, right?

Once again another young boy gets stuck in Claw Machine. Read about it here.

This happened before back in March.


ron said...

Does this mean that the national push to lower child obesity is backfiring?

PS said...


PS said...

This sad fellow just got caught inside the machine. I bet you if we analyzed the video surveillance tapes from stores around the country, we'd find boys who got in and out before anyone took notice. Someone needs to report on the "success" of those boys.

erin said...

I saw this yesterday! His grandma gave him money and told him to go wild. Which, apparently, he did. What I can't figure out, why isn't he smiling in there? It'd be a much more cute photo.

ron said...

He's not smiling because he's busted.

BTW, what is he holding? It looks like some sort of communication device. I wonder if there are reports around the state, dare I say country, of a sudden mysterious disappearance of animals from claw machines. Could it be part of an elaborate scheme by hunderds of boys to enter claw machines at one time was planned to create mass confusion? As Pat speculates, how many others are not caught? Was this boy intending to be caught as a diversion?

NoOtherName said...

Brian and I were laughing the other night about this story. I said that if my kid (say, by the name of Ethan) were to have gotten stuck in there, I would have gladly taken it as an opportunity to go grab coffee, since he wouldn't be going anywhere for awhile. Brian said that he would have used "the claw" to pick him up and get him out.