Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Response to Comment/Question: Impossible to fight?

In a previous post Fighting For Joy: 20 Must Haves I received a comment/question from a friend:

"If these 14 items are not in place, is it impossible to fight? Or just harder?"

I will try to answer that question in this post.

My answer is harder, much harder, almost impossible, but not impossible. The reality is, the fight remains whether I have these items in place or not. The fight is part of my earthly life. The fight is a means to an end. Godliness.

The 14 items are each specific action items I've identified through experience to be effective in helping me live and fight as a new man (new creation) rather than from the old man (the flesh.) All Christians are commanded to live as a new creation. These 14 items are my way of being obedient to that command, and very practical.

I hope that answer is sufficient.

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erin said...

Thanks for the answer. I need to ponder.