Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The New Inline

I plan on skating two marathons this year. I also plan on buying a new pair of skates.

Ever heard of Landroller? I am not sold on the value to a marathon skater but I am intrigued by the design and features that seem to solve a few problems with traditional inline skates.

I think you will see inline skating make a big comeback in the next two years with more and more recreational skaters sliding into Landrollers. The skate won best product of the year award in 2005 but suffered in 2006 from a large voluntary product recall. This year could be big for Landrollers with Olympian Apolo Ohno endorsing the product line.

I am happy because my wife said she'd try skating in Landrollers.


Carla said...

From the looks of them, I may be able to keep my balance!!

Joey said...

Hmmm...if they come in 14's, they may have to hit the wedding registry! ;)