Friday, January 26, 2007

Anitdepressent Medication

One of iMonk's recent post looks at answering the question: What About Antidepresent Medication? The post is balanced and shows how biblical wisdom in every personal experience must not be overlooked. I always appreciate iMonk's personal flair in his posts. The comments section on this recent post should be good so stay tuned.

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Brandy Dopkins said...

I didn't follow the link, so I don't know the premise of that post. What I want to say is that I tend to be uncompassionate- with myself as much as with others. You know, buck up, and get over it.

I was kicked in the butt by a book called "against depression" that explained to me the physical changes that depression causes in the brain.

I'm not talking about the causes of depression- I'm referring to the effects depression has. It becomes a horrible self feeding chemical loop, and the longer it goes the more actual brain damage it causes. It broke my heart for anyone fighting against such a loop.

I say, take it- medicate it- stop the loop. AND deal with the underlying issues. But don't expect someone to "suck it up" when they are in quicksand. Extend a hand and pull them out.