Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Salvation via iPhone

I know it is only Tuesday, and not even noon yet, but I really need some sort relief this week to help me persevere through a bulging schedule and episodes of physical exhaustion. I feel I need something that goes deep on the restoration scale.

Here is the in, comic relief, and this one goes deep as in deep-in-the-belly laughing with tears (and such):

This clip is hilarious!

To truly appreciate it all you need is some knowledge of the mac vs windows "thing", and the "salvation hopes" offered by new technology.

(HT: Thanks Jeff)

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kristi noser said...

"iWitch" made me laugh out loud. I saw part of that this weekend, but as I usually don't watch MAD TV I flipped right by. Thanks for that clip, Pat, that was really funny.