Friday, January 19, 2007

Tim Keller

A new favorite pastor (among many)...Tim Keller.

This guy is great! Incredibly wise. He masterfully preaches the real truth of the gospel and explains how it is integrated into all of life. He often uses the original text and points out what is lost in modern English translations.

I just listened to a series on biblical change. This is not some wishy-washy religiosity(slash)self-help mixture of postmodern falsehoods. This is a series on real truth being applied to real life problems. Fantastic stuff!

Here are the audio links:

1. Changed Lives
2. Inside-Out Living
3. How to Change

Here is a comprehensive list of Tim Keller resources.

Fantastic stuff! (I already said this didn't I?)


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kristi noser said...

Nice blog, Pat. I really like listening to Keller. When you listen to him, you know what a meaty sermon is.