Saturday, February 10, 2007

That Your Glory Be Known

Shawn McDonald is one of my favorite musical artists. The acoustic folk sound easily stirs my heart (live is even better.) The video below is of Shawn's "All I Need" off his Live in Seattle album. Watch and listen how the intensity of the song shifts and increases at the lyrics "that your glory be know, that your glory be shown." (approx half way...and try not to get distracted by the guy raising his two tone hand/arm...what's the deal there?) The shift is subtle and you need to watch the whole video to understand what I mean:

Here is another video. The song is "Home" off the same Seattle album.

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Reegz said...

Totally also one of my absolute favorite singers! He is so passionate and his obvious love for the Lord is awesome! Cool! I love the song "Beautiful."