Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Great Experiment

What I blog about over the next few days will probably be one of the craziest things I have ever done. I risk losing the handful of readers that visit this blog on a daily basis - out of disgust for what they will read (Although my Mom will probably come back. Right? Mom?)

The Great Experiment

Yesterday my friend Randy described a natural colon cleanse to me that he learned about in a natural health class. I was interested in the simplicity of what I heard and the seemingly powerful effectiveness of the process. I have never once detoxified my body through a colon cleanse process. I have been on the lookout for "something" good that I can do to my body to "get me going" again so that I can start out my inline training season with a clean slate.

My friend Randy is one of the greatest motivators I've ever met in my life. Guess what? Today I am starting a three day natural colon cleansing program. Randy is going to do it too. I am going to blog about the experience. Aren't you excited?

I want to see if this natural program works. I want to see if it does the job that all those other significantly more expensive programs claim to do. Also, I figure blogging about it will help you, perhaps, if you are interested. At this point it is an experiment. Let's see what happens.

The Detox Plan

Day 1 - Eat only citric fruit all day. Drink water all day. I am going to eat grapefruit and oranges.
Day 2 - Fast. Strive for no food at all. Allowed to eat some citric fruit if hunger is strong. Drink water all day.
Day 3 - In the morning mix up a quart of heavy salt water and drink as much as I can. The salt water mixture should be strong enough that some salt can't even dissolve and it will sit at the bottom of the mixture. After drinking the salt water I need to wait and be prepared. I am told within a few hours the cleanse process will be complete. I will then go back to drinking water for the rest of the day. I can also resume eating as normal again. However, normal here for me means in better than I have been.

I am going to the grocery store on my way into work to get a sack of grapefruit. I will blog about the experience throughout the next three days.

Ready. Set. Go.


Carla said...

I am not ready to jump in yet. I'll be watchin!!

Anonymous said...

Yes Pat, I will be back......unconditional love, remember!! BUT, I do agree with Carla, wholeheartedly!! (Don't make yourself sick now!!!)


erin said...

Are you sure Randy's not playing a VERY CRUEL joke on you? We're not supposed to drink salt water--remember Lord of the Flies?
Rest assured, you have not lost this reader. I will be back to find out how it goes!

Bill said...

Are you going to describe what comes out?

Randy said...

Where are we going to post the pictures? We are taking pictures, right? I mean how do you tell who wins? We weigh ourselves prior to the salt drink and upon "completion" weigh ourselves again. Most weight lost wins.
I'm sure your readers will require pictures to verify the winner? Based upon comments I have read already I think they will demand it.

Let me clarify, I mean pictures of you and I standing on the scale before and after "The Great Experiement", with a clear view of the weight on the scale. You did understand that correctly, right?

Kim N. said...

When you guys are done with that I have something else for you to try....Herbs called "ParaFree". Yep, you guessed it gets rid of parasites you have in your body. Its estimated that up to 85% of all Americans have parasites!!!Fun, fun, fun!!!

erin said...

Kim N.--twice now in under an hour, I say to you, "Ewwww!" (check your blog)
Pat--I demand pictures.
Randy--Thank you for clarifying on the pictures.