Friday, March 02, 2007

The Great Blowout

First off...

The Great Experiment has been renamed The 1st Annual Great Blowout. It is still very much an experiment so hold off getting the t-shirt.

Status Update

I am 26 hours into it. Surprisingly I feel really good. Ate 9 grapefruit and 2 oranges yesterday and seemingly peed every five minutes.

Today is the fast. Yesterday I had concerns about my energy and mood levels during the fast. So far, energy is high and mood is really good. I only get hungry at the smell of food. For instances, about a half an hour ago I fought through some dangerously strong temptations to go and grab a handful of the popcorn my kids were eating. They have the day off from school because of the snow storm and I am working from home for the same reason. Now it is time to stop talking about food because it makes me think of food and what I want to do to it.

Back to the renaming thing. It goes to show you the influence my big thinking and dreaming friend (Randy) has in my life. This great experience has now become an annual event. Do you want to register for next year?

Questions Remain

How will this all work out? What will tomorrow morning look like? Will this little experiment really prove to be a complete success. I sure hope so! I am going for total satisfaction. Anything less will be failure!

Pressing On

So the plan for the rest of the day is to fight well against temptations to eat. I am also pursuing any opportunities to draw closer to Christ. Fasting without contemplating His mercy, grace, and love seems meaningless. Please don't mis-interpret that last sentence as a self-righteous attempt at boasting about how spiritually strong I am. I am not! I was just thinking about my past attempts at fasting "for the right reasons" and how full of self-pity I was. Now, here I am fasting for somewhat of a stupid reason and I am acting as I am a pro at fasting. But then again, I am asking if I am trying to kill two birds with one stone? Ok, so perhaps that lack of food is getting to me now. Need to stop thinking.

Tomorrow morning I will most likely be waking up naturally between 4:30 am and 5:00 am. I plan to mix up to the salt water as soon as possible and chug it down. I need to get things moving and over with by 10:00 am. I am taking the kids sledding.


erin said...

I agree that fasting (for any reason) without using it as a tool to seek God out seems pointless. If you look at this "cleanse" as an opportunity to honor God while taking care of your body/temple, I say go ahead and kill two birds with one stone.
I still can't imagine drinking that much salt water but I am eager to find out how it goes!

sheri said...

Don't forget to eat something before you go sledding. Are you climbing any big hills? I'm deeply worried.

Kim N. said...

Yes, I too am concern that after the "the great blowout" you won't feel much like sledding. How far from the hill will be the closest bathroom? Has Randy done this before or are you the Ginny pig?

kristi noser said...

It's 455--you up yet? How's that salt water--gag.