Saturday, March 03, 2007

Salt Water Gag Chug

It's 5:32 am, Saturday. I drank the salt water mix at 5:02 am. Here I sit still gagging. The last half hour has been a horrible experience! I did manage to drink nearly a pint but as soon as the gagging started I wondered if I could drink the rest. I took one more sip. As soon as the puking started, I poured out the rest. I am concerned there is not enough salt water in my stomach to be effective for the cleansing. I hope to find out sooner than later.


Randy said...


This must have been a cruel joke by Dr.Zack to drink this salt water. After one hour of mentally fighting off the gag and puke reflex I walked into the bathroom. What is it about looking at the toilet bowl and here it comes.
If you think salt water tastes bad going down, it tastes even worse the second time (stomach fluids did not mellow the salt flavor).

Myth Buster: True or False

1) Will drinking salt water make you puke? True

2) Will drinking salt water clear the colon? False (See question 1)

3) Was the "Great Experiment/Blowout" worth it? True and False. I think I will just be a coach next year for someone else looking to blow it out both ends.

I will let you know in a couple of hours anymore side effects.

Randy said...

Good news - 8:00am just unleashed some 10 year old colon "stuff".

erin said...

Interestingly enough, the gag reflex is not only brought on by salt water.

Reegz said...

Sick! Tequila works even better after you beat someone up of course.

kristi noser said...

I think a good ol' glass of Epsom Salt water will have the desired effect--just a little heads up for next time you want some cruel and unusual punishment.
Oh, and THANK YOU soooo much Randy for that poop tidbit (no pun intended).

Scott said...

Just FYI, you don't need to chug salt water to have a movement. Chugging two liters of water works just as well. Just don't do it on a daily basis, to prevent hyponatremia or electrolyte imbalance (which is likely why they suggest adding salt to the water in the first place).