Thursday, March 22, 2007

I tired another personal natural health experiement

Today if I went to the medical doctor I probably would come home with an antibiotic prescription to wipe out the "possible" strep throat infection I "may" have. Although I feel like I swallowed two golf balls and they both have lodged side-by-side right at the point of my adams apple, I have been experimenting (once again) with natural remedies. I don't feel bad enough yet to jump on the antibiotic bandwagon once again and my high deductible health insurance motivates me to seek lower cost means of taking care of my body. Also, I don't believe I am infectious because I don't believe strep has fully developed (ya'know that sense you have when things get really bad?)

For the last three days I have been gargling with Luke Warm Water mixed with Cayenne Pepper. I am finding it to be effective. My throat is not as sore throughout the day and when the soreness does come around, I gargle and then it is gone.

Here is how the potion works. Simply...immediately after the gargle you forget about the pain in your throat because all of your senses are focused on how burning hot your lips are. Your thoughts change as well to finding gobs of paper towel to wipe up to gallons of drool that won't stop gushing. You even get to focus on what shirt you'll change into that might hide the drool better. This reminds me of a time in middle school I approached my teacher to tell him I had a headache. He offered a cure but asked me permission first. I agreed. He then slugged me in the arm and said "Now you don't have a headache, you have an armache."

Seriously does work I am happy to report. All fun aside I believe I have saved time and money by treating myself.


kristi noser said...

People think I'm a strange duck when I suggest putting a warm onion on their child's ear to cure an ear infection, or taking homeopathic medicines.
But I would so rather do the home remedies than run for the overused antibiotics. I'm glad you are trying some of your own home remedies, and have had success. Keep those lips a-burnin'.

Reegz said...

That's hilarious!