Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Diets Don't Work? Ridiculous!

Diets don't work. Supposedly a person is better off not dieting. Losing weight is not good for you.

The article link to above references a new study on diets. Apparently diets are worthless. This is ludicrous! The story about the research proves that diets do work. I suppose it depends on what your definition of diet is. But did you notice the real reason why diets supposedly fail? The real reason is hidden in this quote:
"Bleak as these figures seem, the true picture could be even worse, as it is thought that most people lie about their weight - and don't like to tell researchers that their weight has started to creep up again."
Why don't diets work? People, people, people. People lie. People lose motivation. People give up. People worship food.

Diets do work! A principle of effective dieting is eating less calories than you burn. This has always been true and will always be true. People lose weight because they eat less calories. All diets have this in common.

All diets are not calories restrictive however. A diet can be about eating more calories to gain weight, perhaps lean muscle mass.

Everyone is on a diet - to either lose weight or gain weight. The controlling factor is a person's inner motivations, the ruling desires of the heart. The key to healthy weight loss or weight gain is changing behavior and adapting new habits - changing the heart. It can be done. It happens everyday.

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ron said...

I'm suspect of any publication that displays the current temp in centigrade.

As an aside, the correct way to use diet is as you stated. It means a way of eating, not just a period of time where you try to drop weight. Ergo, I am always on a diet. I may go on a radical alteration of my diet to achieve accelerated weight gain or loss. That's why it should be called the "Atkin's radical alteration of diet".