Friday, May 18, 2007

2007 Inline Training

I've been inline training for the last four weeks but haven't (obviously) blogged about it. With this entry I'll start consistently posting on my training progress up until I participate in two marathons in August. Posting helps with keeping me accountable and driven to do my best.

I have a goal to skate Hayward on August 11th and then St. Paul on August 19th*. This is the first year since I started two years ago that I will participate in two marathons. More important to me than two marathons is completing St. Paul in better time than last year. This year I would really like 1 hour and 30 minutes. That's fifteen minutes better than 2006. It is very possible. So far I am on track. The last four weeks have been about getting my skating muscles back in tune and building endurance for longer training skates. Tomorrow is my first long slow skate (LSS) - 15 miles. From here on out I increase one to two miles on each consecutive LSS.

Most of my posts will be positive and show my growing passion for inline skating. There will be a few posts though where I'll most likely be complaining. That's because I am incorporating more interval (fartlek) sessions. Fartlek's are to help me get faster. They are also terribly grueling and at times painful. I tend to sluff off and cut myself short. I can't afford to sluff off this year. So when you read my complaining about fartlek's, give me a kick in the pants with an admonishing comment.

*I've decided to live in denial that the marathon's are a week apart. I want to skate both no matter what. So in this case, denial is good.


Carla said...

You said fart.

Kim N. said...

Can you remind me what the fartlek is? I knew at one time but now I can't remember the details.

PS said...

Carla, you said fart. I said fartlek.

PS said...


I updated the post and put a wikipedia link on Fartlek. Clicking the link will take you to a definition. In essence, fartlek is interval (fast, slow, fast, slow) training.

kristi noser said...

Would it be proper etiquette to encourage someone by kicking them in the fartlek?

Carla said...

Fartlek kicking is prohibited.