Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rape and Abortion

About Abortion rights for a woman who has been raped and become pregnant.

The following quote is from a story at National Review Online. The article is a must read - Telling the Rape Victim's Story.

"Instead of demanding abortion funding for rape victims, assuming rape victims are better off aborting their babies, and that no-exception-for-rape pro-lifers are heartless, perhaps we listen to the real experts on this emotional issue: Women who became pregnant through rape — and say their abortions only prolonged the agony of their rapes. Women who, like Julie Makimaa’s mother, survived the horror of rape, but ultimately viewed the birth of their “rape babies” a great gift."


Carla said...

Very thought provoking article however the term "rape babies" is repulsive to me.

erin said...

One of my dearest friends is the product of a rape.

kristi noser said...

This is such a touchy subject to the pro-choice group. I for one do not believe that one hurting person gets "better" by killing another.
Something is just wrong with that.

Carla said...

I pray that they began to speak up and speak out. They are a force to be reckoned with!