Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Got Pool?

With the latest streak of 90+ temps last week and it being the first week of summer vaca for the kids, our family pool got pounded and the water turned milky by the end of the week. From experience, milky water means pH is too high.

So Saturday I am at the Wal-mart checkout with both my arms wrapped around two shock-n-swim packets and a huge container of pH Minus. The checkout person (woman, lady, girl...whatever) looked on with a big smile and shouted out, "Got pool?". I laughed out loud immediately and responded, "Yep, got pool. Ha, got pool, that's a good one." Thinking "Got pool?" was short for "You must have a pool since you are buying all these pool chemicals."

She didn't laugh back. She seemed bewildered by my response. She didn't get my acknowledgment of her joke. Got Pool? She wasn't joking. I became embarrassed, paid her and took off out the door.

Got Pool? I am still confused. Not sure what that moment at Wal-mart was all about. I thought it was a good joke. Isn't it still? I suppose a joke is only a joke if you intend for it to be a joke.

Today at lunch I remembered this incident and realized I missed a chance to respond in a Bill Engvall "Here's your sign" fashion. But then again, I would have embarrassed myself even more (I guess.)

"Got pool?", "Nope, I've lost 20 pounds in 5 days. Did you know this stuff is a powerful diet supplement. Tomorrow I start dropping next 20."


erin said...

I think it's a GREAT joke.
I can come up with two possibilities for her confusion:
1. You misunderstood her and she never actually said anything about a pool.
2. She doesn't speak much English, she was trying to make polite conversation, and you laughed at her. Way to go, Pat.

PS said...

I was watching her lips as she spoke and she definitely said "got" and "pool". I personally think I missed the "a" between the two words. Even so.

ron said...

Ooooo... maybe she said "Gaatpoul". I can't believe she said that to you.