Thursday, June 21, 2007

To Get Faster Always Go Down Hill

Another session of intervals this morning. I cranked out 11 miles with not much major effort. This tells me I need to increase my focus on getting faster as distance endurance will not be a problem this year.

I need to key in on the speed bursts during intervals and make them longer with more speed. For example, my best time over a mile is three and a half minutes. That is just over 17 mph - good, but I am shot afterwards and it takes me another two miles to recover. I won't try to increase my speed but I'll try to increase the distance at the faster pace. I would like to string together a five mile leg where I average 17 mph. This is all about leg power and muscle endurance.

During the tough parts of training, when I'm whipped, I've thought "Forget this stuff, the real key to unlocking the speed code is to always go downhill."

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