Thursday, June 07, 2007

How Quickly the Heart Changes, I Don't Want to Skate.

It is 5:46 AM. I have an interval training session scheduled for myself at 6:00 and I do not want to do it. It has been raining out so it is wet and cold. Based on the tree tops bending nearly to the ground it looks pretty windy as well. Add a growing blister on my left ankle to the mix and why would I want to skate and training so hard?

But I love to skate is what I remind myself. One of the aspects of training I respect and trust is that you really have to get to know yourself. This could be said of all sports I suppose (and a lot of other things in life.) But I know after a few miles on today's skate, I will be in the zone and feel no pain. I don't mean "know yourself" as in "love yourself and be good to yourself, build your self esteem" I mean to be realistic with who you are - a created human being designed to glorify God in all things.

I will skate and do all my activities today for the glory of God.

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