Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Christmas in July

Happy Indepence Day in America!

And...Merry Christmas in July!

The Sweeney Sisters Christmas is my favorite SNL skit - all time. The over-acting in the following skit is classic. I dare you to watch this skit and control yourself all day to not sing one of the songs:


kristi noser said...

That's what Kelli and Kori sang at Christmas last year!

Those girls wore those dresses a long time ago when they sang "50 ways to leave your lover" for Paul Simon. Do they always wear the same thing?

Too funny.

Carla said...

The Sweeney Sisters are my fave duo. Thanks, Pat!!

Katie R. said...

Lawrence Welk anyone?

Jeff Burton said...

Your favorite SNL skit - all time? Surely that's just a bit of seasonal exaggeration?

Pat Stream said...

No. It's true...all time. The only other one that ranks close is Massive Head Wound Harry featuring Dana Carvey.