Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The following photo and caption is from an Inline Planet story on the Napa Valley Marathon:

Skater From Another Planet? - More traditionally garbed racers eye the irridescent one-piece skinsuit of Knut Skarpaas at the starting line of Sunday's Napa Valley Inline Marathon. The 41-year-old racer from Woodside, CA, who finished seventh in the pro-elite division, designed the skinsuit himself, using high-tech fabrics and all the colors of the rainbow. It wasn't only Skarpaas' skinsuit that was one piece. He raced in a pair of monocoque skates, which feature boots and frames molded together from carbon fiber.

What do you think is better, the skin-skit, the name of the guy wearing the suit, or the face of the skater trying figure out what he is seeing next to him?


kristi noser said...

Comments and questions.
Regarding the skinsuit (by the way my favorite word in this post)
Where can I get one?
Do they prevent road rash?
Do they come in yellow with black stripes? I can add the stinger...

I have always been a fan of any name that has two consecutive As.

Carla said...

Is it pronounced Newt or KA nute? The whole thing cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

It is actually Knut Skarpaas VIII. It means the 8th Knut of the sharp ridge (which is a place in Norway where Knut the first was born about 300 years ago). I am a mechanical engineer and I love speed. I designed the suit after finding out that this fabric acts like dimples on a golf ball and actually increases your speed. When you are going really fast in this suit, the wind gets quiet which feels strange. I had Kristin Diemont sew it (her husband was the alternate on the olympic short track team for Apolo Ohno but did not get to race). I have gone down in this suit many times with almost no skin damage. I made a 45 foot skidmark on the olympic velodrome and broke a collar bone on another straightaway. I sewed knee cups in which has really helped. I have raced this suit in 3 world cups, but it is really tired now. I pronounce the K in front of my name.