Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mental Prep Is Important But Everything Has Limits

Training for the inline marathons is a process. I love the process. I am excited to skate the marathons but truth be told I like the training better. In training there is anticipation. My body is tired and so I have cut back a bit and my main goal is rest, but my mind is looking ahead in anticipation - I look forward to the race experience and accomplishing my goal. (Incidentally, if you are a devoted follower of Christ, what you just read should sound familiar - the joys of life today are a small foretaste of finishing the real race and there will be a glorious payoff to persevering by faith through the battles of daily life.)

These days anything related to inline skating gets my attention. Sometimes I go looking for videos on YouTube for inspiration. I found an oldie last night. Inspiration, not! Gag reflex, hork! Oh man!

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Katie R. said...

I wonder if Barbie would approve of the rainbow suit?