Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Low 20

Lowest 20 Ever
Skated 20 miles this morning in 1:30. I am not talking about a low time when I say low in the title of this post. I mean low to the ground. Thanks to a tip I tried out today called "Tucking the Tail" I was able to skate lower than I have over longer distances and I felt great when I finished. Seriously, I think this is the most significant tip I've implemented in my stride and I am very pleased. I felt the benefits immediately - better power transfer from hips to skates and increased speed.

A Familiar Feeling
I realized that on those days I feel really good skating I am tucking my tail naturally. The days that are stiff and difficult I am actually flattening my back out and sticking my butt out to far thus my pelvic area rolls out to the back. Why? I think to start if I have stretched better before skating it is easier to naturally tuck the tail. Also, I think tucking the tail is harder when I have a full stomach from the night before. This is really interesting.

Today I improved my form and I am extremely happy about it!

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