Friday, July 13, 2007

One Month Out

**UPDATED** See specific training schedule below.

Hayward is four weeks away and yes that would mean St. Paul is five weeks away. Am I ready? To skate the distance? Oh yeah! To put my best foot forward? I need to make some adjustments. I need rest.

I've not been as disciplined with my training and eating over the last two weeks. I am tired too, just plain tired. My motivation for discipline is at the lowest point since I started training. I am still very excited to skate but I can't slough off from now until race day.

I am really distracted by other mini-crisis going on in my life. Frankly, I've got financial stress, relationship stress, work stress, spiritual stress. Who doesn't have these stresses in life? I'm just saying the level of stress is particularly high in all these areas all right now. Of course it is effecting me. I question my level of intensity sometimes. I don't need to train so hard to skate 26.2. But I want to reach my goal of under 1:40. Training like I do also helps me manage stress and at the same time it can work against me. How can I put in so much mental and physical time into training my body for something that has pretty low value compared to these other areas? (See 1 Timothy 4:8) Yes I love to skate, but have I crossed a line?

Last week I skated 24 miles and that was my planned training peak anyways so from here on my plan is productive rest and eating. I am skating 13

20 miles tomorrow.

Specific Long Skate Training Schedule
I keep forgetting that I am only doing three days per week and so I have to do more than 13 tomorrow (I would being doing 13 if I were on a four day plan.)

Week 1 (Tomorrow) - 20 miles
Week 2 - 15 miles
Week 3 - 12 miles
Week 4 - 10 miles
Week 5 - Hayward 26.2 miles
Week 6 - St. Paul 26.2 miles

During these weeks I will also skate intervals on Tuesday's and Thursday's with distances between 5 and 8 miles per session.


erin said...

Who taught you, or how did you learn to structure your training schedules? I find it very interesting.

PS said...

Erin -

I am self taught in that I read a ton, experiment always and apply what I read, and I am always making adjustments. For me it is a major part of the enjoyment I get from the whole deal. I do the best I can do by myself.

I could learn much from taking lessons or having a training partner but that always involves more money than I have...and more money is more obligation to commit time that I don't have. Perhaps someday I will have a trainer.

I really like the process of teaching myself.