Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ah...hmmm...I Was In A Knife Fight, Yeah A Knife Fight

These type of posts are usually best left to the writing skills of my wife. But every once in a while I need take a swing. There is something manly in this story and it is about one of my boys, so I want to tell it.

Last night our 3 year old Nathan goes to bed all nice and fresh from a bath. This morning he wakes and Carla notices blood from a small laceration on his left cheek, just below his eye. Alright, laceration is too dramatic. It was more like a tiny paper-cut no wider than Nathan's pinky finger nail. Nevertheless, no blood at bedtime, then blood in the morning. Why?

I asked, "Nathan, what happened, how did you get that cut?"

Nathan, eyes rolling around as if he's turning the pages in his memory files, "Ah...hmmm...I got it in a knife fight."

"A knife fight?", I got down on my knees.

"Yeah, a knife fight, it was a knife fight."

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